Warner Bros bags announced

29 JUNE 2015

Start your plans for bag-trading: the SDCC 2015 designs are here and it's time to pick favorites.

This year we have: Arrow, Flash, Vixen, the 100 and Supergirl. (My vote: Vixen.)

First-timers, you will be handed one of these bags when you pick up your badge at the convention center. You can try to figure out which section is handing out which bag, but often it's a matter of timing, as maybe only 2 types will be unpacked and distributed at a time. Hence there is serious bag-trading that goes on.

The bags are enormous and they're good for more than just stashing all your Exhibit Hall finds; I've moved 4 times in my SDCC existence and my old Warner Bros bags have been incredibly handy for moving items that don't pack up in boxes well. So consider hanging onto yours when you get it.

Hopefully everyone has a design they're excited about.

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