Two deadline reminders

14 JUNE 2015

Just a reminder that 2 deadlines are looming ahead of us - one for people who are going to San Diego Comic Con and one for people who can't.

15 June is the last day to turn your badge in for a refund. Of all the badge categories we fall into - didn't get a badge, only got a Sunday badge, got it all - the category of people who did get lucky in registration, then unlucky later on may be the saddest. But these people exist, for reasons that range from the financial to an unreasonable boss to scheduled surgery to a break-up.

If you can't make SDCC after all, don't try to sell your badge for a huge profit - CCI has already said they are on top of that action and voiding those badges, which can obviously impact your ability to go to future Cons. Just turn it in and get your money back. Because there is one silver lining to missing Comic-Con and one only: all the money you'll save.

19 June is the advance registration deadline for KiddieCorp. Again, this is a very trustworthy on-site option where trained professionals will entertain and care for your kids - babies to age 12 - while you go carousing through Comic-Con. If you have a long line vigil planned or just want to be really thorough in your Exhibit Hall hunting, this is one way to make sure your kids aren't bored out of their minds.

This week is the deadline for online advance registration. If you want to wait for the programming to come out before you decide what days to register your kids, you can do that too and register them on-site for a slightly higher price.

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