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14 JUNE 2015

So here we are mid-weekend - and under 2 weeks from finding out panel programming. What have we learned?

Let's start with what will undoubtedly be one of the most popular comic books at the Con: Doctor Who goes to SDCC 2015 and discovers a monster lurking in the background of cosplayers' photos. From Titan.

The Good Dinosaur replaced 99% of its voice cast, after recording dialogue. Why? The movie has been "dismantled and completely reimagined." It's still set to open in November, but I can't imagine this points to a panel for us.

Drawn & Quarterly is bringing Jillian Tamaki, Michael DeForge, Peter Bagge, Marc Bell, and Anders Nilsen to SDCC. If you're wondering about titles, I feel safe in predicting that this 776-page collection will be there.

It looks like the Star Wars VR is still being tested, but it seems like we might see some of it at SDCC. 

DeviantArt has withdrawn its sponsorship of Artist's Alley due to a rebranding and launching an app. This could have tangible repercussions, as it leaves CCI only a limited window of time to find a replacement; in the past DeviantArt has provided carpeting, padded seats, signage and display screens.

Aspen Comics is holding a panel that include a fall preview; attendees will get a panel-exclusive variant copy of Critter #1. By visiting their booth #2321, attendees can pick up the "Art of BDI: Volume One" as well as new Aspen Comics t-shirts and a string-back tote bag. There will also be exclusive hardcover editions of "Michael Turner presents: Aspen the Extended Edition" by Geoff Johns and Michael Turner and "Damsels in Excess" by Vince Hernandez and Mirka Andolfo.
Lego is bringing this 203-piece of Throne of Ultron set.
It looks like we definitely won't be seeing the Tales From the Dark Side reboot pilot; it was rejected by the CW due to concerns over its format. (Apparently CW is okay with airing a show that portrays Nostradamus as a young hipster psychic at French court, but an anthology series is just too much.) Luckily a bunch of other networks have swooped in - those being Syfy, MTV, VH1 and Hulu, though I feel like this would be best served on HBO, FX or Showtime. Maybe Joe Hill will screen it for us at the Con the way he screened the rejected Locke and Key pilot. (Though I doubt it.)
And of course as announced earlier, SuicideGirls: The Blackheart Burlesque will perform at House of Blues on Thursday, 9 July - and I will be giving away 2 free tickets. Email me with "I have a black heart" as the subject line to enter the contest.

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