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7 JUNE 2015

This might not have been the most exciting weekend in terms of SDCC announcements but we did learn some things. Such as...

Brian Michael Bendis sort of revealed that Spider-Man would be in Captain America, then walked it back with an "allegedly." Which sounds like perhaps he was trying not to blow a future Con announcement? Pure speculation.

We got a rather exciting trailer for The Martian, fueling my feeling that this panel will be on 78% of attendee agendas.

It's telling that we're all so starved for Star Wars news that this speculation about 3-CPO's red arm, as seen on a cup from Mexico, has sparked feverish discussion. Seriously - what will we find out about Star Wars at Comic-Con?

If you ever wondered what Kevin Eastman's studio looked like, you can see a replica of it at the new San Diego Comic Art Gallery.

Toys 'R'Us are bringing a cornucopia of exclusives to Comic-Con. And I mean "exclusive" in the way that means these items will also be available online and maybe in stores after the show to anyone. But attendees can get them at the Entertainment Earth booth #2343.
  • EX Transformers Masterpiece Bluestreak
  • SW Jabba Rancor Pit
  • GI Joe Desert Duel
  • POP TV: The Flash – The Flash Unmasked
  • MLP Maud Pie
  • MLP Daring Do
  • MLP Princess Celestia
  • EX Power Rangers MM Megazord Black Edition
  • Exclusive Mortal Kombat Raiden 6 inch
  • 1966 Batgirl

Since tomorrow will be just one month out from Preview Night, let's hope for a more active week than we've been getting.

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