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6 JUNE 2015

The news flow still seems on the slow side, but we're getting a few announcements. Not too many shockers, though.

Such as: Agents of Shield says it will share lots of spoilers at its panel. That is indeed what panels are known for, Agents of Shield. American Horror Story will share spoilers too.

Something that is delightfully weird: a George RR Martin plushie, with 10 quotes recorded by George himself. Only 500 are available. It's cute but it doesn't really capture his sea-captain-turned-wizard vibe.

Also on the Game of Thrones front, we have an impressive astrolabe supported by a stand bearing the four famous house sigils: a dragon, stag, direwolf and lion. This comes with a newer edition of the Pop-Up Guide to Westeros.

Patrick Rothfuss will appear at SDCC.

Are you a Vikings fan? Cast and crew will have a Friday panel at 3:30 in 6A, with a Q&A and sneak peeks.

And I think most of you have already seen these: a 3-pack of female Transformers.

Are you curious about the Assassins Creed movie out in December? We have a poster thanks to Collider - and the movie marketing machine is cranking to life, so let's assume we'll see something next month at SDCC:

Special guest Raina Telgemeier is hosting a special evening at the San Diego Central Library on 7 July the night before Comic-Con, co-sponsored by CCI and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

And finally, X-Files starts shooting on Monday - so maybe, just maybe, Chris Carter will feed us some footage scraps at a panel to tide us over until January.

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