No selfie sticks at San Diego Comic-Con

8 JUNE 2015

Sorry. But this isn't that much of a surprise; Coachella, Lollapalooza and countless museums, conferences and stadiums have banned them too.

You can still celebrate the wonder that is you outside the convention center.

ETA: Who knew this would be such a hot button issue? Some attendees are rejoicing and others are miffed. So let me assure the latter category of a few things:

  • You'll get plenty of great photo ops outside the convention center. Cosplayers, attractions, weird giant figures and events will abound, all waiting to serve as your backdrop. You're also more likely to run into celebrities outside the convention center than stumbling across them in the Exhibit Hall anyhow - most actors wear costumes or masks when they roam the aisles.

  • Inside the convention center you can still take pictures with your phone or camera. The established photo ops arranged by studios - the Walking Dead brings a killer one each year but there are lots of others, like the opportunity to have a photo of yourself in Norman Bates' taxidermy basement - will have staff on hand to photograph you with your camera. And that photo will usually look cooler than one taken with a selfie stick.

  • Sometimes, yes, you may want to hand your phone to another attendee and ask if they'll take your picture with Darth Vader. I wouldn't get too paranoid about this. Most SDCC attendees are very trustworthy and willing to help out a fellow attendee with a quick photo. Are there criminals lurking in our midst? Sure, no doubt. It's a ginormous crowd of 130,000+ people. But the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor that the attendee next to you is a decent person.  Personally I wouldn't pass up a great photo op out of fear that someone might make off with my phone.  This is an individual call, of course.
Overall, I just don't think the ban on selfie sticks has to cripple anyone's good time at the Con.


  1. So we can't take any pics inside without handing our phone to a stranger.

    1. You can still take pictures with your phone, tablet or camera.

      I don't know if you've been to the Con before but it's pretty crowded. Just walking fast is almost impossible at high tide. Even if someone did sprint off with your phone, they wouldn't get very far and the numerous security guards would immediately notice someone running and probably stop them.