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25 JUNE 2015

So was everyone happy with Thursday programming? I haven't heard too many strong reactions - maybe because all the big panels had already been announced? There weren't many surprises to be found today.

One of my first-timers "thought there would be more" but I think the sheer number of panels was mind-boggling. And Thursday covers every area - gaming, books, cosplay, comics, Hollywood, science, general nerd life. CCI also continued the trend of more night panels, which I think people appreciate. One: it gives people something to do at night that's free. Two: it gives attendees an opportunity to go back to their room mid-day and relax for a bit instead of forcing themselves to stay in the convention center for a ten-hour period. When you're staying out on Hotel Circle and facing a round-trip shuttle ride, that really helps.

Let's see what else we found out.

Toys'R'Us brought us their exclusives, including a classic Batgirl, Harley Quinn vs Batman, various Ponies, Jabba's Rancor Pit, and others.

The Uglydoll booth #3245 will have 2 new Star Trek Uglydolls.

Princess Leia's Blockade Runner will be on display at SDCC. If you're a casual Star Wars fan who doesn't always know where various artifacts rank, this is not your everyday Star Wars display.

This was part of the programming announced today but I have to call attention to it: Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys has a panel at the Con. It's called Nick Carter Goes West: From Boy Band to Zombie Western. This just proves that Comic-Con is a magical place where bizarre things can happen.

If you think Todd McFarlane's hashtag #McFarlaneBuildsSDCC is a bit grandiose, it relates to him having a new line of construction sets that have never been seen, let alone released. So that should excite McFarlane fans.

The Nerdist unleashed such an amazing array of panels and activities that I will need to cover it in a separate post.

Tomorrow we'll get programming for what might be the monster day of the Con. And I don't just say that because of Hall H - Friday is sure to dazzle. So be ready and don't get too overwhelmed by all the options floating before you. From this point on, Comic-Con is going to get very, very real. But you still have 2 weeks to figure out your priorities and map out the Con you want to have. More on that later.

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