Keeping the SD in SDCC

26 JUNE 2015

In the roar of Thursday programming announcements, this little blip barely got noticed: Allegedly CCI is sealing a new deal to keep the Con in San Diego through 2018, and it could be signed by the start of SDCC.

This is the part that probably matters most to you: "Hoteliers confirmed that they have been responding to a recent request from Comic-Con organizers that they write up addendums to their 2016 room block contracts committing to not raise their rates for 2017 and 2018 and to maintain the same number of discounted hotel rooms for the convention."

If you'll recall, CCI has said previously that hotel rooms are the stumbling block to staying in San Diego, as some hotels were making fewer rooms available and raising their rates. We all remember the astronomically priced "overflow site" on Hotel Day, right? The one where you could get a room at the Hilton Bayfront for a mere one thousand dollars a night? CCI is trying to prevent that from getting worse.

Of course, I'm guessing that the mercenary bloodbath that was Hotel Day has scared plenty of attendees into forking over huge sums for 2016 hotel rooms anyhow - too many attendees don't want to risk washing out completely, as many of us did this year. (And while it was awful, I do have to point out that Early Bird had tons of rooms available that went ignored. So remember that option if you're already dreading next year's hotel sale.)

After years of knowing that 2016 was the official end game on the contract, it's kind of weird to think that it's the very next Con. 20-24 July, 2016: that could have been the last San Diego Comic-Con ever. But right now it looks like we'll keep going right where we've always been.


  1. Sorry but where were the tons of rooms available? Never saw that. There were rooms really far from the centre which I have no interested in. The point SDCC should address with the hotels should put the badge holders first to get hotels reservations. This year is my 4th time attending and I NEVER scored a hotel through Hotel Day. I have nothing against people making money but the way SDCC deals with this whole hotel situation is really poor.

    1. There were plenty of rooms available in Early Bird. Some of the hotels are far out but the Sheraton is only 3 miles from the convention center and a very short shuttle ride. People still preferred to gamble on Hotel Day, though. Including me - so no blame. I'm just saying that rooms are available, even if they're not top-tier. There will never be enough downtown rooms for everyone and that's a mathematical reality every attendee has to accept.

      As to your point about putting badge holders first - that's why CCI is trying to do. Unfortunately this year several hotels drastically reduced their discounted room blocks and kept more rooms at higher rates to book out to any random person. That wasn't CCI's choice at all and they've been fighting to get hotels to accommodate more attendees. This has been an ongoing struggle for them the last few years. SDCC is a powerful economic influence in San Diego but even so CCI can't control the hotel chains' business decisions.