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20 JUNE 2015

So what happened today?

We got a Fear The Walking Dead trailer.

Funko released Wave 6, which includes a Snuffleapagus and a smiling Mossy Groot.

Red Giant released a digital version of the GIANT-SIZE #1 comic they're giving away at SDCC. The digital is 1.99; the 50,000 they're giving away at SDCC are free, so don't feel you have to choose.

If you have a hard time picturing Dagobah translated into Legos, here it is. It comes with a tiny Yoda and Luke - as well as a complicated buying process. You'll need to get a raffle ticket just in the hopes of getting picked to buy it at the Lego booth.

You can win tickets to comedy show The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail on 10 July by signing up for their newsletter; online tickets are sold out but more tickets will be available at the door so don't give up on this if you really want to see them.

Also on 10 July: AIR with Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou will have a premiere at Horton Plaza that is invite-only - but you have a chance to get tickets to this too. Subscribe to the Insider mailing list and you'll get a "special email" within the next two weeks. It doesn't say if you'll also get access to Skybound's "star-studded party" but I'm guessing not.

I'll repeat my prediction last week that next week should unlock the real flow of SDCC announcements. Compared to previous years, promoters are waiting until later in the game to announce their events, contests and exclusives; the next two weeks should be vivid. Stay tuned.

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