What you should know about Gam3rCon

20 JUNE 2015

If you're a serious gamer, you're probably anxiously awaiting SDCC's announcement of the gaming tracks - the tournaments, board games, MTG, D&D, video demos, the Nintendo and Xbox Lounges. All of which is very enticing, no doubt. But if you want to take advantage of every gaming opportunity during Comic-Con - or you just have a free day - you will definitely want to look at Gam3rCon.

It runs during SDCC at the Tenth Avenue Arts Center, so it's very accessible - and because it runs until midnight every night, you can always do the Con during the day and Gam3rCon at night.

If you go, you'll find four floors of the following:

Tabletop gaming
Video games
Tournaments (cash prize and not)
Gaming Demos
A Retrocade with old Nintendo, Sega, Atari
Gaming-themed Art Exhibits
Live Theatre
Movie screenings
Comedy shows
Rooftop parties
Happy Hours

That gives you an idea of why you'll want to visit - so here's another. You can still buy tickets now and you can navigate the entire experience without the ridiculous lines of SDCC. Week passes are $60, day passes $20.

First-timers, it should be obvious by now that official SDCC programming is only half the story. The outside events and activities are often just as compelling. You could make the decision to keep it simple and just focus on Comic-Con; there's nothing wrong with that. But if you are a dedicated gamer or simply want something fun and nerdy to fill your nights, you really should give Gam3rCon a shot.

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