Party at SDCC with brand new music festival BAMF

17 JUNE 2015

You know how sometimes you get really sick of being indoors at Comic-Con? Those moments when you've been in one crowded hall, room and aisle too many? Sometimes you just want to get outside (in a non-Hall-H-line kind of way) and celebrate summer - and this year you can do so at a brand new 3-day party: The Bad Ass Music Festival.

Described as "where geek meets music on the streets of downtown San Diego," BAMF will be at Ruocco Park on 10-12 July. And by geek, they're including steampunk, Harry Potter, cosplay, comics, nerd rock and more. They will have:

  • Music from The Doubleclicks, Paul & Storm, Kirby Krackle and more
  • DJ dance parties
  • Comedians
  • Podcasts
  • Panels
  • Quidditch matches
  • Food trucks
  • A collection of local brews
  • A bounce house
  • Various vendor booths
  • A cosplay contest
  • Interactive steampunk performance by League of Steam
  • A dozen other things I don't have room to list

Ticket prices vary; if you have an SDCC badge, you can get in for 15; you can also bump up to 30 if you want to include a BAMF t-shirt. Non-badge-holders, you can get in for 50 and it rises from there. Remember, this is for a 3-day festival so those prices are pretty reasonable whether you have a badge or not.

This is a great opportunity to eat and drink and listen to music out in the sun or under the stars; a festival where you can actually move around and burn off some energy instead of sitting in one chair for hours. It's also a good way to actually meet your fellow attendees and future nerd friends, something that isn't always easy at the comedy shows, screenings and performances that abound at SDCC.

You can find out more about the lineup here. I know a lot of you are still hedging your bets on events, waiting to see what else gets announced (like, oh, say, Nerd HQ panels) - but given that you can fit this festival into whatever free time you have, it sounds like a pretty safe bet that BAMF is worth attending.

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