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17 JUNE 2015

How exciting - Comic-Con has grown. Not in numbers (god forbid) but in the venues and opportunities open to fans. And one of the changes helps attendees create the Con they want to be at - the introduction of Fan Meeting Rooms.

These are over at the Hyatt and you can schedule a session in one of them by emailing Include your first, second and third options for time and date and they'll send you an email confirmation if you get in. These could obviously be great for setting up a fan meetup or some other kind of mingle, especially if you don't see your particularly fandom represented yet in or out of the convention center. So don't wait - these will probably book up fast.

A few other changes:

  • Marriott Marquis did away with some of our old stomping grounds, so a lot of external resources are at the Hyatt now. That includes the Hospitality Suite, the International Film Festival, most gaming tournaments, one of the main film tracks, and....

  • The Fulfillment Room, now called Programming Premiums. First-timers, this is where you'll go to pick up the free t-shirts and other swag certain panels will bestow on you. These range from cheap trinkets to really generous merchandise packs.

  • The San Diego Central Library will have 2 programming tracks - one devoted to education and literacy and one devoted to podcasts and web series.

It can't be denied that SDCC is starting to look like the alternative suggested when the expansion financing got shot down - an event that sprawls over multiple city blocks and venues. It might not be as convenient as having all programming on site, but it shouldn't be too much of a hardship either. Just be ready - as always - to do a lot of walking.

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