Is Special Edition:NYC the ECCC of the East?

9 JUNE 2015

When ReedPOP bought ECCC earlier this year in their quest to conquer the nerd world, there was much lamenting that they would stifle Emerald City's charms with their corporate power.

It all went down too fast to really judge by ECCC 2015, but now something judgeable is here: Special Edition: NYC. And Brad Guigar reports that it felt like an old Emerald City - that in some ways, Special Edition felt like Emerald City East and ECCC seems to be the influence on ReedPOP Jim Demonakos promised.

That's good news for nerds all over the world, given that ReedPOP is running Cons from India to Australia to China. I'm not sure how it could or will play out for NYCC but here's hoping we see those influences.

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