How to get Conan O'Brien tickets for SDCC

3 JUNE 2015

If there's one San Diego Comic-Con event that's been on everyone's mind for months, it's the Conan O'Brien show. It's taping each night of the Con (Weds-Sat, that is) at the Spreckels Theatre and will be focused naturally on Comic-Con - creators, actors, nerd life, cosplay, the Hall H line, the strange phenomenon of attendees who knock themselves out to attend the Con then complain about how Hollywood it's gotten.

Okay, some of that is speculation - but Conan did say these episodes will be all about the Con, so I feel confident in stating that they are a get in terms of tickets. And finally we've had a hint about when they'll be available. That being "soon."

Vague, yes, but it gives a green light to start monitoring their site and social feeds. And you can get a head's up by pre-registering on and signing up for the Team Coco Newsletter. Then you'll be among the first to know that tickets are available at

Here's how it works:

You'll get an e-ticket and bring that and a photo ID the morning of the show to an address listed on the ticket. There you'll pick up your physical tickets, with every member of your party present. These are seat-specific.

It all seems pretty straightforward. Just understand that this will involve a small errand - picking up the tickets - that takes you away from the Con. If you have any other questions, email them at or call 818-977-3056.

Like I said before, I think this could be an excellent teaching tool to help your parents and coworkers understand what you do each July at SDCC. And for those people who think of the Con as a big costumed celebrity party, hopefully these episodes show other sides - the gaming tournaments, the meetups, the film festivals, the Exhibit Hall - to provide a more nuanced picture.


  1. Do you know if we can buy tix for others, or if everyone needs to make their own account for 1iota?

    1. You can buy for others. Just request the number of tickets you need.