Getting ready in these final weeks

11 JUNE 2015

It's obvious that we're now in the thick of Comic-Con announcements. From this moment on, a flurry of panels and promises will disorient us across every channel, making it hard to think anything other than "Is it 8 July yet?"

So before you become spellbound, you might want to check on your state of preparation. Things like:

Shoes. If you don't have a comfortable and supportive pair, get some. Break them in now so they feel perfect by July.

Promotional materials. I've mentioned this several times but I feel certain half the people planning to bring business cards or portfolio materials have done zilch about it. Get those ready now so you don't stress out about it in early July. If you might need to print new shirts or postcards in San Diego, locate the right vendors now and ask if they can accommodate you.
Cosplay. If you've dithered over which character to be, or were certain you'd have lost 20 pounds by now to fit into a specific costume, now is the time to embrace reality and lock everything down. Going on a last minute hunt for the right ears, wig or boots is just going to make the whole process feel less like fun and more like work. If you're going to do something major with your hair, get that scheduled now too.

Friends. This probably seems premature but it's good to drop a line now and ask to hang out. If you wait until the last minute, they'll have tickets for events on your free nights and vice versa.

Tech. From battery packs to fancy cameras to new phones, you might plan on bringing a new device to SDCC.  If your plans are still vague, figure out now what you have and what you need so your tech is as lean and mean as possible in the convention center.

Medicine. If you depend on some type of regular medication, make sure you aren't going to run out right before or during the Con.

Hotel clubs. Did you join the loyalty program at your hotel? It might seem trivial for a 4-night stay but just saving on the free Wifi can pocket you an extra $50-60 to spend in the Exhibit Hall.

Finally, I just want to remind everyone that Comic-Con happens right after a holiday weekend. Once July starts, you might be busy with family trips, or covering for coworkers on vacation, or your own holiday parties. Businesses may be shut down, friends unreachable. In that light, you have less than 3 weeks to get your ducks in a row - which isn't long at all.

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