CCI's advice on badge scammers

11 JUNE 2015

In their daily quest to make your Comic-Con a success, CCI's Toucan blog shared tips on not falling for scammers. I suggest reading the whole thing, even if you have a badge for 2015, as you could help save someone else from blowing a thousand dollars or getting blacklisted from the Con.

A few valuable highlights:

  • CCI voids any badge they find being sold online. So even if you do strike a deal with some Craigslist person who has a real badge to sell, that badge could be voided after you spent your money.

  • They're seeing a huge increase in fakes sold from international brokers. Insert tired Nigerian prince joke here, but this really is something that can fool people.

  • They are monitoring the "secondary market." I feel like someone on CCI's staff  needs to make an animated series about this, where a character (not the Toucan bird) is a tough-minded operative with a black hat history who now uses his powers to find and punish online SDCC criminals.

A while ago I shared the mating calls of the Comic-Con scammer; you might want to read that too so you don't fall for any persuasive shenanigans. It's really easy to say "I would never be that dumb" - but desperation can lead people to take crazy risks.

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