The SDCC Daily

28 MAY 2015

What did we find out today?

In tangential news, certain Internet claims were made that Denver Comic Con surpassed SDCC's attendance. At 101,500, they didn't even come close. That said, this is obviously a fast-growing Con.

American Gods may announce the cast at SDCC. As in, walk the actors right out on stage and make the crowd go berserk. I hope this works and it doesn't get leaked, because that's the kind of reveal attendees live for.

Remember the hotel sale? If it was especially painful for you, you might have banished it from memory - but waitlist emails are starting to go out. I think at this point almost everyone has locked something down.

The new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer is out. This releases 23 June so let's assume this will be featured at multiple gaming events.

Your favorite bloggers will host a Wrath of Con Bloggers panel featuring An Englishman in San Diego, The Nerdy Girlie, Friends of CCI and Crazy 4 Comic Con.

One of the weirder Archer exclusives has been announced: a pillow of Archer's face.


  1. FWIW, not *all* of my favorite bloggers will be on the Wrath of Con panel. I know they have limited space available, but some important sites (such as this one) are missing. ;-)