SDCC rolls out "The Art of Comic-Con"

12 MAY 2015

What an arty summer we're going to have. First we have the new San Diego Comic Art Gallery at the  IDW Headquarters to visit; now CCI is going to dazzle us with "The Art of Comic-Con."

Which is them partnering with the San Diego Public Library to show off art from their archives. I want to visualize CCI's archives as a vast and closely-guarded hangar of artwork, Raiders of the Lost Arc-style. And maybe it is; this is what the exhibit will show.

"Providing unprecedented access to original art by over 60 comics artists, the exhibition traces the history of Comic-Con through art and provides a sneak peek into the evolving process of creating comic art. Visitors to the show will have the opportunity to see process drawings in a variety of mediums that were used in souvenir and program books for Comic-Con, WonderCon, and APE, the Alternative Press Expo, artwork that is representative of the comic books and comic art Comic-Con International presents to a growing audience."

That quote gets a bit clunky at the end, but you get the idea. I'll assume that the "sneak peek into the evolving process" refers to digital tools, which could be interesting. If you want to know exactly who will be showcased, you'll see work from Sergio Aragonés, Howard Chaykin, Cliff Chiang, Michael Cho, Colleen Coover, Rick Geary, Gilbert Hernandez, Jim Lee, Dave McKean, Frank Miller, Marshall Rogers, John Romita Jr., Bill Sienkiewicz, William Stout, Babs Tarr, and others.

What: The Art of Comic-Con

When: Saturday, 20 June - 30 August 2015; a reception will be held from 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm on 20 June.

Where: the Art Gallery on the 9th Floor of the San Diego Central Library -330 Park Blvd, San Diego.

Cost: free

Obviously this is a great way for non-badged people to soak up some Comic-Con art, but it should also be on the agenda of any comic fan attendees.

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