NYCC tickets go on sale Weds, noon EST

11 MAY 2015

Back in the day, San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con never seemed like rivals. It was assumed that West Coasters went one place and East Coasters another, and anyway, SDCC had Hollywood in their pocket.

Things have changed radically in the last 5 years. SDCC is extremely difficult to get into and NYCC has outgrown it in several ways - such as boasting 151,000 attendees last year to SDCC's 130,000. (Note: NYCC uses a different counting system than SDCC, so it's debatable as to how many unique attendees they actually had.) NYCC has Super Week as well, with multiple events around the city. Serious fans are now looking at NYCC as a viable replacement for San Diego - not because it replicates the SDCC experience (it can't) but because it offers a massive pop culture event that's enthralling in its own right.

Tickets for 2015 go on sale this Wednesday, at noon EST and 9 am PST.

Single day badges: $40 for Thursday, 50 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Three-day badges: $75 for Friday-Sunday

Four-day badges: $105 for the whole shebang, and that includes a New York Super Week card.

You can't beat those prices. For those of you who are feeling flush, there are more upper-tier packages granting special access, line-jumping, private lounges and other benefits:

VIP: $525

Special Access: $215

Word of warning - yes, tickets will go fast. If you're entertaining notions of a leisurely badge sale with plenty of tickets to go around, check out Bleeding Cool's story on last year's ticket sale as well as CBR's. Tech glitches, tickets on Ebay at 400% markup, and other disappointments abounded.

However, it's worth noting that some day badges did not sell out right away - so if you do participate in the sale and fail to get a 4-day or 3-day badge, well, you know what I'm going to say. Grab Thursday, Friday and Sunday and go anyhow. You'll be in New York; there's no end to the ways you can amuse yourself.


  1. Hi Valerie. Any suggestions on hotel rooms? I'm guessing rooms downtown are pricey. Is it worth going out as far as, let's say, Hoboken, NJ and taking the PATH into the city? Thanks!

    1. You can actually get good deals on rooms in the city (like 300 a night and under) if you scout around a bit and are willing to stay at a 3-star hotel. I wouldn't go out as far as NJ; it's worth it to stay right in New York and have access to all the city attractions. Brooklyn isn't a bad choice either, although your hotel options won't be as plentiful.
      As far as which hotels - I usually prioritize neighborhood over hotel when it comes to NY. Maybe I'll do a post on that.