Today is the NYCC ticket sale

13 MAY 2015

11:30 am PST

Right now Thursday, Friday and Sunday, plus Super Week, are available. Which means that as tangled as this ticket sale got, it was never as dire as I feared. Who wouldn't want a Saturday free in New York?

I have to point this out - for all that NYCC crowed about surpassing SDCC's numbers, it clearly doesn't have anything close to the demand for SDCC. Compare the huge rate of badge sale failures for SDCC hopefuls vs. the availability of tickets still on the NYCC site. It's not even close - the number of people who want to go to San Diego Comic-Con far exceed the number of people who want to go to New York Comic Con.

11:07 am PST

Please don't give up if you're still waiting. With fewer of us in the system, there's some breathing room and there seem to be fewer errors.

I understand your despair; I was right there 20 minutes ago, making plans to go to DragonCon instead. Then the Nerd Goddess smiled upon me and voila, I was in.

10:50 am PST

I bought 2 sets of all 4 days. At single day prices, mind you. When I got in, I clicked for three 4-days and progressed; error message ensued; I went back and the 4-days were gone. In the blink of an eye, I went from paying 105 for 4 days and a Super Week pass to over 200. Oh, the whims of our Comic Con fates.

Still. What matters is the timing. It took me almost 2 hours to get through - and I did not get through on the first queue I set up but the 2nd and 4th one (which converted within seconds of each other.) Several errors were encountered during check-out but nothing fatal.

Oh and ReedPOP, it's "first of its kind" - not "first of it's kind." Yes, I get pedantic and irritable after a 2 hour anxiety marathon.

10:10 am PST

Every single time a queue window starts to advance, I get hung up or get a 408.

The fact is, people ARE buying tickets and certain categories have already sold out - so in a sense the system is working. The bad/low servers act to hold most of the crowd at bay, turning it into a lottery.  But rather than subject us to crashes, delays and error messages, they should simply handle it as such. 

SDCC's sale was smoother and faster than this, though still riddled with disappointment. I'm beginning to think the best way to handle these sales is like Ace did with parking - everyone sends in an email with a name and address and later they find out if they got picked or not. Each person who is picked gets to bring 1 friend. It would be far less stressful than these online sales that just aren't functioning past a certain threshold.

10:00 am PST

3-Days are sold out.

9:46 am PST

Special Access is sold out.

9:38 am PST

Allegedly everything but VIP is still available. Have hope.

9:34 am PST

What a world we live in when NYCC tickets are already appearing on Stubhub even as most of us are stuck in the queue.

9:21 am PST

VIP is gone.

9:16 am PST

I have had:

1 queue start to convert and then hang up
Another queue that is stuck on Waiting for Showclix
3 other current queues still going.

People are getting through, though.

9:02 am PST

Use this link:

8:58 am PST

The site is down.

8:41 am PST

NYCC tickets are about go live. It's going to be rough; last year's sale was lightning-fast and it's a safe bet that we'll have more people trying to buy tickets - both because of Super Week and because they've been shut out of SDCC.

I'll post whatever I hear. Good luck, everyone.

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