Portfolio Review schedule will post in July

22 MAY 2015

If you're a creative attending SDCC for the first time, you may want to consider participating in Portfolio Review. This is a program where industry pros from companies like Cartoon Network, Lucasfilms, Disney, Nickelodean and others will evaluate your work and give you professional feedback.

It's not a job fair, but it can be a doorway to collaboration, networking and even an offer. It's best to go in prepared and make the best of whatever interaction you get. For attendees who are early in their careers, this can be their first opportunity to get feedback from the type of people they want to work for. Taken in that spirit, it can be a worthwhile use of your Comic-Con time even if it doesn't lead to a new position.

Here's who can participate:
  •  Animators
  • Comic book writers and artists and editors
  • Inkers, letterers, colorists
  • TV writers and copywriters
  • 3-D modelers
  • Illustrators
  • Motion graphic, background and concept designers
  • Storyboard artists
  • Video game designers

Be aware that not all companies will be looking in all of those categories. Also be aware that - as with everything Comic-Con - it can be a game of chance. In the past, you had to sign up to be reviewed by a specific company and then check a printed list at the company's booth to see if you made the cut.

Which brings us to preparation. Obviously you want to show work that aligns with the company's objectives. An attendee who shows off brilliant surreal illustrations might be admired, but they won't be hired as fast as the attendee who demonstrates solid work that could easily fit into the company's brand. But the schedule won't be posted until a week before SDCC - so for now it's best to collect your strongest work and be ready to pivot on the fly if needed.

This is just one opportunity of many to market and network at SDCC, so now is a good time to start thinking along self-promotional lines. I'll post more about that this weekend.

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