SDCC Open Registration was 2 months ago today

21 APRIL 2015

On 21 February, most of us found out whether or not we'd be going to San Diego Comic-Con this summer. That was 2 months ago; we're still 2.5 months out from the actual Con. Which makes this a good midway point to think about where you are.

Housing. Are you still one of the unfortunate homeless attendees? Keep checking the site. Rooms are still available. But if you're waiting for the Hyatt to open up, you may be waiting a long time. At some point, you have to settle on something and pay up. Don't forget to join your hotel's reward program for free Wifi and other benefits.

Money. Speaking of paying. A few months back, I suggested saving money, even if you're a born spender. Whether or not you've done so is your business. But I will point out this for first-timers: Comic-Con spending goes beyond badge, hotel and restaurants. Obviously there are the exclusives and other prizes you buy on the floor, but there are also events. So far we haven't had too many announcements but the San Diego Symphony Summer Pops at SDCC and the Walking Dead events are just two examples of outside events you may want to splurge on. Trust me, over the coming weeks you'll hear about a cavalcade of comedy shows, band shows, parties, screenings, live tapings and other events to tempt your wallet.

Marketing. Maybe you'll just bring business cards; maybe your plans include full color portfolio samples, merchandise and promotional material. 2.5 months isn't a lot of time to get cranking on this, especially if you're dependent on co-creators, printers and developers, so don't wait much longer.

Fitness. You'll be walking way more than you anticipate - and if you're not ready, you will be sore and exhausted on your 2nd day. Comic-Con is its own type of marathon and if you want to enjoy it, it's good to get your feet and legs ready. I'd suggest walking daily even for just 30 minutes. You really will be glad you did it once you're there.

Cosplay. If you're of a mind to try cosplaying this year, plan/buy/glue/sew now. Experienced cosplayers have this knocked, but first-timers tend to underestimate how itchy, hot or poor quality a costume can be. Or they'll order a special outfit from somewhere (again, I'm talking to attendees who just dress up, not competitive cosplayers who don't do store bought) and then it arrives in the wrong size or color.

On the one hand, Open Reg seems like a long time ago; on the other, we all know the next two and a half months are going to fly by. Get your logistics locked down now because it's easy to forget them in your excitement once parties and collectibles and parties start getting announced.

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