And the new SDCC special guests are...

20 APRIL 2015

Happy Earth Day. To celebrate, CCI has dropped a rather showy group of special guests on us - and they say these Monday announcements will continue into May, so we'll definitely have 60 special guests at a minimum when all is said and done. Who knows, maybe they'll go straight to 75.

Random thought: it would be cool if CCI threw an annual attendee event with all of the special guests. Maybe a meet and greet, maybe a charity dinner where every table gets a different guest as their server, maybe a speed mentoring event. Not that I ever see that happening.

The special guests are...

Greg Capullo: artist - Batman, Spawn

Tony Harris: artist - Starman, Ex Machina

Skottie Young: writer, cartoonist - Oz Books, I Hate Fairyland, Rocket Raccoon

Jeff Smith: cartoonist - Bone, RASL

Maggie Thompson: writer, editor, comics historian - Comics Buyer's Guide

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