Your Walking Dead dreams come true at SDCC

17 APRIL 2015

I'm not just talking about the Walking Dead panel or the panel for the new unfortunately-named Fear The Walking Dead (which will have the most epic line ever), and of course the Walking Dead Escape. All of that will be there - but we have a new event this year too.

The Walking Dead Escape
Friday, 10 July -Saturday, 11 July
6 pm - 10 pm
Petco Park

This "revamped version" will have the usual zombies of course, but also Negan and his Saviors. So if you're only up on the show and not the comics, you might be in for a surprise.

As to your participation options:

Walker. You get transformed by a makeup artist with one prosthetic piece to look even more corpse-like. You'll also attend Walker School, get a Walking Dead Escape poster and t-shirt... and you can hang out on the course as much as you like.

Survivor. You also get a t-shirt and a poster. Escape waves are every 15 minutes so no, you won't be out there long, but all that running from the dead and psychotic should tire you out pretty fast.

Combo. Why not do both? Run the course as a Survivor, then return painted as a Walker.

The Walker Stalker Fan Fest

Friday, 10 July -Saturday, 11 July
11 am - 5 pm
Petco Park

This will include cast appearances, panels, autograph sessions, cosplay, photo ops and more. Tickets will go on sale soon - and no, you don't need a badge. I'm betting many attendees will opt for the Fan Fest over waiting in the Hall H line for the panel.

This is a great example of why I tell people to stick around even when they didn't get a full 4-day badge. Events like this are just as good as what you'll find inside the convention center. (Sometimes they're better.) And with these being on Friday and Saturday, even people with just a Sunday badge or Thursday/Sunday should be around to participate.

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