There are a ton of ECCC fan meetups

7 MARCH 2015

There are many ways to make friends at Comic-Con, but one of the most quintessentially nerdy is a fan meetup. Emerald City has them in abundance this year, so many that they're scheduled two at a time. 

Please note the below are happening concurrently in separate rooms - they're not weird fanbase mashups. (Though Sherlock-Sailor Moon and Pokémon-Archer mashups would be seriously trippy.) You can check the grid schedule for the room number.


10AM: My Little Pony: FiM & Pacific Rim
11AM: Game of Thrones & Sherlock
12PM: Agent Carter & Firefly
1PM: Marvel & Supernatural
2PM: Carol Corps & Bioware
3PM: Arrow & Hannibal
4PM: Korra and Avatar & The Walking Dead
5PM: Gravity Falls & Doctor Who
6PM: Rat Queens & Venture Bros.


10AM: Nerdfighter & Over the Garden Wall
11AM: Doctor Who & Game of Thrones
12PM: Marvel & Rooster Teeth
1PM: Disney & Supernatural
2PM: Korra and Avatar & Walking Dead
3PM: Carol Corps & Homestuck
4PM: Arrow & Firefly
5PM: Sherlock & Sailor Moon
6PM: Brimpers & Adventure Time


10AM: Firefly & Sherlock
11AM: Korra and Avatar & Doctor Who
12PM: Arrow & In The Flesh
1PM: Batfamily & Supernatural
2PM: Homestuck & Marvel
3PM: Hannibal & Teen Wolf
4PM: Pokemon & Archer

See? Between the speed dating and meetups, ECCC is ready to take care of all your social needs. So don't skulk around the booths complaining that you have no one to hang out with. Put your shyness to the side and come meet your comrades in fandom. That's half the point of Cons: they're full of people just like you.

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