6th crop of SDCC special guests are here

9 MARCH 2015

CCI announced special guests 26-30 today. Maybe, just maybe, you've heard of a few of them.

Jerry Beck - author and animation historian, owner of Cartoon Research - The 100 Greatest Looney Tunes, The Hanna Barbara Treasure

Matthew Inman - writer/artist - The Oatmeal

Jim Lee - artist - Batman: Hush, Justice League; DC Entertainment; last year's beautiful Souvenir Guide cover

Richard Starkings - writer, designer - Hip Flask, Comicraft, Elephantmen

Jill Thompson - writer, artist - Beasts of Burden, Little Endless, The Scary Godmother, an amazing pillowcase featuring Death from Sandman which she sold to me on the floor last summer

There's nothing boring or one-dimensional about the special guests we're getting for SDCC 2015. The spotlight panels are going to draw big crowds.

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