ECCC programming: Friday

28 FEBRUARY 2015

Emerald City programming went up yesterday. There's a ton of offerings, so I’m going to break it down by day and by category. Some of these categories will overlap a bit, especially creative and comics. Please note I am not listing every single panel, just a selection, so you will still want to check the ECCC list.

First of all, allow me to point out that there are still Friday badges available for ECCC. So if the below looks appetizing to you, why not come? Especially if you washed out in SDCC Open Reg – spend that money on a weekend in Seattle. You'll find plenty to do even if you don't have Saturday access.

Okay, let’s start with panels for creatives. If you go to SDCC, you know that recent years have brought a groundswell of panels for writers of all stripes, cartoonists, designers, game developers - pretty much anyone you can think of in the fandom industries. ECCC is bringing great content as well for people in the arts. Some focus on honing your talent; others focus more on the practical matters of breaking in and making money.

We have the usual crop of “breaking in” panels:
Getting Started Writing in the RPG Industry - Hall B at 10:30AM
How to Gain Entry into the Video Game and Visual FX Industries - Hall I at 12:50PM
Getting your Children's Picture Book Polished and Published - Hall B at 12:30PM
Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way - Hall C at 2:00PM.

We have several panels devoted to connecting your creativity to cash:
Making Money with Creator Owned Comics - Hall F at 10:30AM
The Ins and Outs of Self-Publishing with Kickstarter - Hall G at 12:10
How To Make Beer Money with Your Comic or Zine - Hall F at 12:30PM
Slipshine and Webcomic Erotica (18+) Hall E at 6:50PM.

…. As well as practical information in Comics, Creativity and the Law in Hall I at 2:50PM  and The Indie Creator's Legal Tool Kit - Hall G (TCC 305) at 5:10PM

For writers and creators, we have a whole lot of panels:

Hard Sci-Fi Made Easy in Hall B at 1:30PM
World-Building In Comics in Hall B at 2:30PM
Let's Make a Character! in Hall G at 11:10AM
Humanizing Heroes and Villains in Hall B at 11:30
Fueling Creativity: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Authors on Ideas - Hall B at 3:30PM
Preventing Magical McGuffins in Hall B at 4:30PM - 5:20PM
Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction in Hall B at 5:30PM
Collaborating and Co-Writing in Comics in Hall G at 6:10PM.

Not as many panels today for visual artists, but we do have:
Coloring Between the Lines in Hall G at 3:10PM
Image Comics Presents: Art! - Hall D at 3:30PM
Character Design for Animation and Games in Hall J at 5:00.

Onto Cosplay.

We have Cosplay Repair 101 in Hall I at 11:50AM
Men of Cosplay in Hall J in 1:00PM
2nd Skin: Prosthetics and Makeup for Cosplay in Hall J at 4:00PM
Intro to Costume Craft and Cosplay in Hall I at 4:50PM.


Now onto Comics, which is just a massive banquet of panels.

Vertigo: New Blood - Hall C at 12:00PM with Bill Willingham. Upcoming projects, prizes and advice on pitching at ECCC.
CBLDF Podcast Live! - Hall D - 10:30AM.

Meet The Valkyries - Hall E at 12:50PM. Female comic retailers. 
IDW: 2015 and Beyond - Hall C at 1:00PMa spirited chat filled with announcements, hijinx and Q&A.”

Judge Dredd, His Apocalyptic World - Hall D at 2:30PM. “The future lawman, his strange world, the Dredd movie and Pug Dredd.”

Gotham City: The Next Generation. Hall A at 3:00PMwith Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher, and Babs Tarr. “The new, more accessible view of the DCU.”

Behind the Scenes: Making Comics is in Hall C at 3:00PM - Sierra Hahn with Colleen Coover, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Kel McDonald. Cultivating fan bases, self-publishing, and other topics.

How to Run A Comic Anthology and Not Screw It Up is in Hall G at 1:10PM. Organization, funding and marketing.

Diversity, Representation and the Changing Face of Mainstream Comics. Hall F at 3:30PM - Phil Jimenez and Andrew Wheeler look at how mainstream comics succeed and fail in diversity.

High Res and Lo-Fi: Music and Comics - Hall E at 3:50PM. “The relationship between music and comics: rhythm, timing, style, zeitgeist, and more.”

Being Non-Compliant is in Hall A at 5:00PM. Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kate Leth, Noelle Stevenson present theforefront of the modern wave of feminism in comics.”

Push Comics Forward: 10 Years of BOOM! Studios - Hall C in 5:00PM. James Tynion IV, Madeleine Flores, Shannon Watters, Lissa Treiman discuss the next 10 years.

Dark Horse Comics Builds Characters! - Hall D at 6:30PM. Cullen Bunn, Tyler Jenkins, Scott Kolins, Jeff Lemire, Jamie Rich, Joelle Jones and surprise guests talk projects.

Strip Tease: Adult Comics and the Perverts Who Draw Them - Hall F at 5:30PM - Erika Moen and friendsdiscuss the world of creating smutty comics with an eye towards feminism and inclusivity.” 18+

Hip-Hop and Comics: Cultures Combining - Hall E at 5:50PM. The tie between comics and hip-hop with Patrick A. Reed, Jim Mahfood, David Brothers, Matthew Rosenberg, 179, and Slimkid3.


Hollywood comes to the Main Hall with:
Brandon Routh at noon, Rachel Skarsten and Emmanuelle Vaugier: The Lost Girls - Main Hall at 1:00PM, Hayley Atwell: Beauty, Grace, A Punch to the Face at 2, Morena Baccarin at 3, Tyler Hoechlin at 4, The Ladies of Buffy: Charisma Carpenter, Julie Benz, and Clare Kramer at 5, Jenna Coleman at 6.

Supernatural Fan Panel is in Hall E at 10:50AM. No Winchester brothers but you can talk about them.

Karen Allen is in Hall A at 12:00PM. ETA:: Karen Allen has canceled her ECCC appearances.

Ten Years of the New Doctor Who is in Hall E at 1:50PM

John Wesley Shipp: Back in a Flash is in Hall A at 4:00PM.


As night falls, you have a variety of activities to entertain you:

You can see a free screening (and Q&A) of Stripped: The Comics Documentary at 6 pm in Hall A with interviews with over 40 of the world's best cartoonists.

Or you can go to the Urban Dictionary Game Show at 6:30 pm in Hall B where panelists “attempt to define the weirdest and grossest terms the Urban Dictionary website has to offer.” 18+

Improv Against Humanity: The Unsanctioned Comedy Show for Horrible People is in Hall
F at 6:30.
Cards Against Humanity comes to life; “audience members can win sweet prizes and compete to be crowned Most Horrible Person of ECCC 2015!” 18+
Cleopatra's Cabaret: RPG is in Hall I at 7:00PMApprox. 80 tasks will be randomly handed out to audience members willing to participate.  You will have one to five minutes to present to the Gods the task on your card.  Be creative, be energetic and have fun, whether you participate or not!” Hopefully you can picture this better than I can.
The Cyanide & Happiness Group Sketch Jam Panel is in Hall G at 7:10PM. “The Creators of Cyanide & Happiness and HijiNKS ENSUE take audience suggestions and draw frantically on the same piece of paper until everyone in the room is offended.” 18+
A good day by any nerd's yardstick; I'll post Saturday in a bit.

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