ECCC programming is up

28 FEBRUARY 2015

At long last, ECCC has put their programming up.

I'll post my summaries and thoughts this weekend. For now I can only bemoan the fact that the Non-Compliant/Bitch Planet panel overlaps with the Erika Moen panel which overlaps with the Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction panel.

But my overall assessment: amazing.

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  1. Interestingly, they put all of the 'main hall' panels I want to see on Saturday and Sunday, which means that I have pretty much all of Friday to 'be casual'. I'm thinking that's the day I'll explore the Exhibit Hall(s) and go to a few cosplay and writing panels. One thing about those: they have a *lot* of cosplay and writing panels, so if you miss one, there are still other good ones you can catch.