ECCC Saturday programming

28 FEBRUARY 2015

As might be expected, Saturday at Emerald City brings a lot to choose from.

Creative Panels
While Friday was a writer’s day, Saturday’s creative panels are a little more spread out. 
People in the comics industry or visual arts will like:
Building a Career in Comics: The First Stretch - Hall G at 11:10AM
Advanced Digital Inking with Brian Haberlin in Hall D at 11:30AM
Cover Artist Confidential in Hall A at 12:00PM
The Role of the Artist on the Electronic Frontier in Hall F at 12:30PM
ComiXology Submit: The Future of Self-Publishing - Hall E at 2:50PM
Draw Your Imagination in Hall F at 4:30PM -
In Brief: Writing Short Comics - Hall G at 6:10PM – “anthologies, backup stories, digital shorts."
Any creative can benefit from these:
Trapped in an Elevator: How to Pitch Your Idea. Hall B at 10:30AM
How to Be a Nerd for a Living: Your Career in Nerd Culture in Hall E at 11:50AM.

Defense Against the Dark ARCs: Dealing with Trolls, Controversy and Criticism in Hall B at 3:30PM. “When to turn the other cheek, when to respond, and how to avoid making yourself a bigger target.”
Gigs and Careers in Fandom and Geek Culture in Hall E at 4:50PM. “Gender, race, and age from the perspective of women working in the fan industry, as well as forging a freelance career."
How to be a Negotiation Ninja! In Hall G at 5:10PM.
Writers might like Finding the Story in Hall B in 1:30PM or Beyond the Children's Section in Hall B at 2:30PM which will cover “the specific characteristics of the young adult market."

There's also Designing and Writing for Video Games in Hall I at 4:50PM.


Building Your Next Epic Cosplay Costume! Part 1 is in Hall I at 10:50AM.

Cos Fit in Hall J at 1:00PM tackles fitness for Cosplayers and nerds of all kinds.

Body Confidence and Positivity in Cosplay in Hall J at 2:00PM addresses body image, skin color, age, crossplay (Rule 63), and more.

Building your Next Epic Cosplay Costume! Part 2 is in Hall I at 2:50PM.
We have a whole bunch of general/cultural panels, with quite a few on diversity.

How Can You Help Diversity in Gaming? is in Hall J at 12:00PM.

Nerd Rock Jamfest in Hall G at 12:10PM will have three bands from the growing Nerd Rock movement.

Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Gaming Spaces is in Hall I at 12:50PM.

Convention Horror Stories in Hall E at 1:50PM promises to be “ridiculous, embarrassing, always entertaining.”  18+

Gothic Charm School: In Real Life! In Hall I at 1:50PM. Jillian Venters shares her black-clad wisdom.

God is Disappointed in You (The Sequel) is in Hall C at 2:00PM for “an hour of unforgettable irreverence, including Q&A, audience sketches, and the hilarious-yet-accurate "ten-minute Bible."

It's a (Straight White Cisgendered) Man's World is in Hall I at 3:50PM. People from tech, video game, board game and other industries tell you what’s like to share that world.

Incredible Girl Presents: Geeks and Kink in Hall D at 5:30PM. “The correlation between loving sci-fi and fantasy and loving BDSM and other alternative sexualities.” 18+

The Realm of You: How media has positively affected the LGBTQIA community.  Hall E at 6:50PM. Themes of LGBTQIA life in movies, games, and other mediums.
Comics, Books, Collectibles
No surprise: there are a big number of comic-related panels.

Fight Club 2 in Hall D at 10:30AM will have Chuck Palahniuk, Dave and Cameron Stewart and other Dark Horses go beyond Tyler Durden.

Image Comics Presents: Your New Favorite Comics is in Hall C at 11:00AM.  Frank Barbiere (Five Ghosts), Matt Fraction (Sex Criminals), Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine), Brandon Graham (Prophet), and Kurtis J. Wiebe (Rat Queens).

Star Wars Action Figures is in Hall F at 11:30AM. The history of Star Wars figures from their beginnings to today.  

Celebrating Will Eisner's The Spirit at 75 is in Hall D at 12:30PM.

DC Entertainment All Access: Weeklies Coverage will be in Hall C at 1:00PM and discuss the upcoming Convergence with James Tynion IV, Marguerite Bennett, Ray Fawkes, Dan Jurgens, and Jeff King. I feel like James Tynion is the king of panels this year at ECCC.

Push Diversity Forward: The Continuing Rise of Webcomics. Hall D at 2:30PM: “the unique opportunities webcomics provide in terms of diversity both in content and readership, and how webcomics are affecting the comic book industry as a whole.”

Marvel: From Black Vortex to Secret Wars is in Hall C at 3:00PM. Bring your questions about upcoming Marvel events - Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men Crossover: The Black Vortex, Secret Wars, and more.

Rat Queens Social Club in Hall D at 3:30PM will feature series writer Kurtis J. Wiebe.

Comics in the Real World: The Non-Fiction Revolution! In Hall F at 3:30PM: the explosion of non-fiction/historical-fiction titles.

Reinventing Horror in Hall E at 3:50PM will talk about revitalizing the genre. Matt Pizzolo, Cullen Bunn, Brandon Seifert, Kaare Andrews, and Rachel Deering.

Behind the Scenes with Titmouse Animation in Hall C at 4:00PM. Jim Mahfood talks the animation projects behind Titmouse, Inc, including television shows, feature films, and video games.

DC Comics: Champions of Justice is in Hall D at 4:30PM.

Oni Press Launch Panel in Hall C at 5:00PM will have a game show-style panel full of surprises.

The Valiant Comics: 25th Anniversary Celebration will be in Hall C at 6:00.
The Mignolaverse: Hellboy and Beyond in Hall C at 7:00PM will have Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, Max Fiumara, Scott Allie, Dave Stewart, and Tyler Crook.
I think the today is going to bring a bigger crowd than Friday.
There are two fan discussions: Teen Wolf in Hall E at 10:50AM and Red Dwarf in Hall J at 3:00PM.
The Voices of the Avatar in Hall A at 11:00AM has Janet Varney, Dante Basco, and Steve Blum.

Veronica Taylor is in Hall A at 3:00PM, followed by Finn Jones at 4 and then Janet Varney at 5.

Expect lines for the Main Hall today to see:

11:  Anthony Daniels: The Golden Droid
12:  Amanda Tapping
1: Steven Yeun
2: Gina Torres
3: Patrick warburton
4: LeVar Burton
5: Orlando Jones
6: Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennet

After dark, you have:

She Makes Comics: A Documentary Celebration of Women in Comics. Hall A at 6:00PM. A film telling the storied history of women in comics.
The Real Nerds of Comedy in Hall F at 6:30PM. Stand-up comedy that celebrates nerds and nerd culture. 16+

Steampunk Murder Mystery in Hall I at 7:00PM.

Of Dice And Men: Screening and Q&A in Hall G at 7:10PM. A screening of the film about tabletop roleplaying gamers Of Dice And Men and a Q&A with members of the cast and crew.
All in all, a good day. I'll probably be at more of the cultural panels than anything else. If anything surprises me, it's the lack of Star Wars. Maybe the organizers figured with Star Wars Celebration right around the corner, all the hardcore Star Wars fans would go there? I did think we'd see a little more emphasis in that direction. But that's not a complaint - ECCC has shown in its programming exactly why it's so beloved by comic fans.


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