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24 JANUARY 2015

If you're the kind of fan who likes to bond with others in your fandom, you may have been to a fan meetup before. At some Cons these are organized by outsiders and take place in bars and coffee shops; at Emerald City, they're within the convention and will be scheduled by the organizers. This isn't to say that outside meetups won't take place - people who hang out in specific forums have a way of agreeing to meet each other and that turns into an "event" - but ECCC is eager to hear your specific requests. Bear in mind you'll need a pass to get into the meetup since it's inside the Con.

According to their Tumblr, they've already received the following suggestions:
  • Rat Queens
  • Carol Corps
  • Sailor Moon
  • Avatar/Korra/general Bender meetup
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • Arrow/The Flash
  • Nerdfighter
  • Disney
  • My Little Pony: FIM

Those are .... some very specific requests. No Star Wars or Star Trek? No Doctor Who or Sherlock? Well, what do I know. If you're not already on Tumblr, go ahead and join and then tell them your ideal handpicked group of strangers. Who knows, maybe you'll make a new best friend in March.

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