Thoughts on Pre-reg


Now that Pre-reg is over, the usual cries and complaints are echoing across social. This isn't fair; get it together, CCI; the teams and groups are skewing the system; etc.

Here's what I think. One, of course most of us weren't going to get a badge. It's only Pre-reg. That isn't some devious shortcoming on CCI's part, it's basic math. CCI can't let only previous attendees go to Comic-Con, therefore a huge number of us weren't going to get a badge today.

Yes, it went fast. I think it should be slowed down, with smaller groups let in, for Open Reg. I say that because I was one of the people caught on a cusp, and it sucked. I saw Saturday was low, then got in; somehow at that exact second Saturday and Friday sold out; Thursday was marked as sold out too with 0 available, yet it let me buy Thursday badges. Given how fast everything went, I think a lot of people were in the same situation I was - expecting one thing when they got in and finding something very different. It seemed even the system couldn't keep up with itself.

I don't know if fewer badges were sold, as everyone is speculating. CCI may have decided to offer a higher number in Open Registration, but it's more likely they just improved the speed of their network. The team approach also made it go fast. I know that isn't what everyone wants to hear.

As for those groups and teams - this strikes many people as unfair. I'm thinking it might be best to restrict badge-buying to just two people. The most fair method would be one badge bought for each Member ID, but that would force a lot of people to attend without any friends. On the other hand, the current system still leaves some friends and family members in the dust while others get lucky. My vote is for 2 people per registration session.

If you're super angry right now, and are cursing San Diego Comic-Con while stabbing pins into a wax poppet, then I will repeat my suggestion to try other Cons. I know SDCC is frustrating. It isn't worth it for everyone. For comic book nerds, Emerald City still has passes available (and hotel rooms and passes are way cheaper than SDCC); cosplayers have Phoenix Comicon to hit in June; DragonCon is a great choice for sci fi/fantasy fans and general partiers on Labor Day Weekend; Salt Lake City Comic Con in early September is massive and can hold its own with SDCC, with only a slight shortcoming in the Hollywood arena. Don't think SDCC is the only show in town - it isn't.

Overall, there's no perfect solution. I'm sorry for all of you who didn't get a badge today, but buck up - you've still got Open Registration to look forward to. I washed out too today (as an out-of-towner, do you really think I want to pay for 4 nights in a hotel for 2 days at SDCC?) and I still feel confident about Open Reg.

Finally, as I said earlier - be good to yourself today. We all just went through a very stressful morning.


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    1. You should have it within the next few days. There's always a slight delay.

  2. Two years ago, my Daughter and I were fortunate enough to receive two (4) Day "Profesional" passes from someone who does/did voice over work, Batman TOS, Teen Titans etc. SDCC tightened up on giving passes out to where we could not get them again unless this person was going to attend the con themselves and thus receive extra passes, which is what we received.

    So the following year (2014) we were NOT able to participate in Pre-Reg because we did not pay for our tickets. I registered myself and my daughter and set my alarm and clicked the button to join the waiting room at EXACTLY 7am.....Wed. "Preview Night" (SOLD OUT).....Friday (SOLD OUT).......minutes later Sat. (SOLD OUT)......then the "ticker" announced that Thurs. & Sunday were running low.....maybe 2 minutes passed by and to my suprise, I was "chosen" and purchased Thurs. & Sun.
    I immediately felt angry and upset that I/we were NOT going to attend all four days. Then I started to think about how many, possibly hundreds of thousands of people, received the "We Are Sorry" screen...that put it into perspective for me.

    This year, Saturday morning I was running late and FRANTICALLY searching through my email for the "link" they just sent me......I finally realized I was in the wrong email account. I logged on and clicked the link at literally 8:58am....I saw the blue spinning circle and a great relief came over me, but, then the worries of watching that circle began....the previous poster is so right, this is a stressful event. Not bragging but to my delight and complete suprise. At about 9:18am, in the address bar a bunch of random numbers and letters flashed, I immediately thought my computer was crashing when all of a sudden I was let in. Everything but Wed. Preview Night was available. So my Daughter and I are fortunate enough to be going again this year.

    To those that didn't get "chosen" I do feel for you but there is still one more shot and for us, we were able to get 2 of the 4 days last year and we still had a great time. It was better than not going at all. I guess my point is, even if you can only get a day or two, it truly is better than nothing when you consider how many got nothing.
    As mentioned previously, consider the other CONS, they are getting bigger aND better every year. I know my daughter and I are planning to go to ECCC 2016, we love Seattle and I hear nothing but good things about that convention.
    To those that didn't get tickets Saturday, I truly wish you the best during the Open Registration Sale.

    1. Thanks for your comment! You're spot on... it's easy to be disappointed when you "only" score 1 or 2 days, but it's still an experience people all over the world would love to have. And let's face it, there's a lot to do outside the convention center.
      It's also true that other Cons are not a weak backup plan, but can be just as fun. I hope more people who don't get into SDCC make that discovery.

  3. CORRECTION: It was about 9:28 NOT 9:18 that I was allowed to purchase tickets.