You need your badge for pre-registration - Part II

17 JULY 2014

CCI emailed all of us today to let us know we need our badges for 2015 pre-registration. Yes, we already knew that. The email today didn't say much new in that regard, except for this little nugget:

Children who are 12 right now and going to SDCC next week, and then turning 13 in the few days before 1 August, must keep their special child badge to do pre-registration. Which suggests kids who will still be 12 by 1 August don't need their badge apparently. But that begs the question of kids who turn 13 in December (for instance) - how would they participate in pre-reg since they will need a regular badge next summer? Am I missing something obvious? My advice is to hold onto your kid's badge if they have any kind of 13th birthday looming in the next year.

And no, we don't know when pre-reg will happen except that it "will occur sometime after Comic-Con." You don't say. The 1 August cutoff above has me curious, though; I wonder if they'll spring it on us quickly (like they used to) since the new system is already in place. Anything is possible with CCI.

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