Yes, you need your badge for 2015 pre-reg

3 JULY 2014

The Toucan's blog tip of the day is to wear your badge always. Which, well, no kidding. They then go on to say that we'll need our badges for 2015 pre-registration.

We were told this last year, true, and then it turned out we didn't. But I'm pretty sure that was just because they were rejiggering the whole registration system as a lottery, and it was technologically expedient for them to include the badge code automatically. This year it's safe to say that we will need our badges, so don't sell yours or toss it in the trash. As for taking a picture of it or writing down the code  - yes, you could probably do that, but it seems like it would just be easier and safer to physically hold onto the badge.

If you're a first-timer and don't know what pre-reg is, congratulations - you have double the chances to go to Comic-Con next year. You probably bought your badge in Open Registration but that's not the only badge sale. There's an earlier one each year that's restricted to attendees from the previous summer. It doesn't matter whether you go to the Con one day or all four - if you're an attendee this summer, you are eligible to participate in the private Pre-registration badge sale for 2015. And if you don't score a badge in that one, you can try again in Open Registration.

At least, that's how it's gone the last few years. As with anything Comic-Con, changes are always possible. Regardless, hold onto your badge.

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