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17 JULY 2014

If you plan on getting discovered next week, the Portfolio Review is probably the most controlled way of doing that. The schedule is up, so take a look and see if any companies listed seem to be calling your name.

What Portfolio Review offers

Industry professionals will look at your work and provide you with feedback. Note that it's Portfolio Review, not Job Fair. If you expect someone to take one look at your work and hire you, you may be disappointed. This is about hearing the opinions of a person who hires people like you. That said, sometimes these meetings do lead to offers.

Who it's for

Not just aspiring comic book artists and writers, as everyone seems to think. Some of these companies are looking for:
  • animators
  • editors
  • 3-D modelers
  • copywriters and TV writers
  • inkers, colorists and letterers
  • storyboard artists
  • background and concept designers
  • motion graphic designers
  • illustrators

How it works
As you may have guessed, sometimes more people want to take part in this than can be accommodated. Therefore every morning you can sign up to be reviewed by a specific company who's on the docket for that day. You won't know if you got picked (randomly) until 15 minutes before the review time slot starts - and you'll find out by looking at a printed list at the company's booth. If you made it onto the list, you must wait in that area for your name to be called. 

Who will be there

A range of companies, including Disney, LEGO, Nickelodean, Hasbro,Titan Comics, Cartoon Networks, Capstone and Lucasfilms  and lots of others.


The best thing you can do is tailor your work to the company's objectives. If they're not providing much detail in that department, do some research. Don't think your sheer talent will blow them away - companies scout for someone who can fit into their already established creative ecosystem.  

If you're unfamiliar with having your portfolio reviewed, you may want to study up on the general dynamics. Here's my novella on marketing yourself at Comic-Con and some very good posts from Steve Lieber. Good luck.

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