Understanding the lay of the land

17 JULY 2014

When you're making your plans for panels, it's easy to assume you can just leave one room and walk to your next destination in 2 minutes. That's not always the case. The convention center is sizeable and getting from 6A to Hall H will take you a bit, especially in a crowd.

Yesterday CCI helpfully put up a bunch of maps that may not mean much to you now if this is your first Con. It's useful to look at them though and note how far various rooms are from each other. But I also find this useful: looking at the convention center and the Marriott and Hilton flanking it.

That's the Hilton Bayfront to your right, and the shiny mirrored-looking building to the left is the Marriott Marquis. The taller building just beyond is the Manchester Grand Hyatt. The car size should provide a sense of perspective. So yes those hotels are technically "close by" but getting from a panel upstairs at the convention center to the Indigo ballroom or over to the Hyatt is going to involve a walk. You can't leave a panel at 4 and run over to join another panel at 4:02. 

Also, if you're wondering how big these rooms are:

  • Hall H holds 6,500 people
  • Ballroom 20 will hold about 4,908
  • Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront holds about 2,660
  • Room 6BCF will hold about 2,160
  • Room 6A will hold about 1,040
  • Room 6DE will hold about 884
  • Room 11AB will hold about 504
  • Room 5AB will hold about 504
  • Room 25ABC will hold about 480
  • Room 7AB will hold about 480
  • Room 24ABC will hold about 420
  • Room 23ABC will hold about 405
  • Room 32AB will hold about 350
  • Room 26AB will hold about 340
  • Room 8 will hold about 340
  • Room 2 will hold about 340
  • Room 9 will hold about 280
  • Room 4 will hold about 280

Hopefully that gives you a clearer idea of timing and likelihood in terms of panels.

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