Orphan Black meet-up

15 JULY 2015

Remember last year when some show called Orphan Black started getting all this Comic-Con buzz? And most of us said, Never heard of it, Orphan what? Then we found out what it was about and tuned in. And though we came for the cloning storyline, we stayed for the thespian sorceress that is Tatiana Maslany.

This year there's a Clone Club Meetup but it's not your typical 10-15 people getting together for pancakes or whatnot. It's going to have a Cloneplay Theatre Challenge, a Clone Yourself Photo Booth, Helena Buffet (digest that for a minute), Cosima makeovers and something called a Pop-up Shop. In other words, it's your opportunity to shamelessly live out all of your secret Orphan Black "what kind of clone would I be" fantasies.

Except that this is on Friday from 1-3 and the Orphan Black panel is at 6 that night. That's some dodgy timing. The organizers understand the whole concept of SDCC lines, because the invite even says the line for this starts at 11. When do they think the line for the panel starts? Well, you'll all have to make it happen.

When: Friday, 25 July at 1 pm - 3 pm. The line starts at 11 am.

Where: Southpaw Social at 815 J Street

Who: Anyone! You don't need a badge, you don't need to be over 18.

I think we're all expecting some serious Grade A Orphan Black cosplay this year, both group and solo. I'm hoping Helena will be the leading solo clone - but this will probably tilt the odds in favor of Cosima. Regardless, if you're a Clone Club member, this is your mothership. Maybe everyone can make a special Comic-Con Emmy and give it to Tatiana Maslany at her panel.

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