Let's speculate baselessly on pre-registration

21 JULY 2014

So Toucan's tip of the day is to save your badge for 2015 pre-registration. This is the third time we've heard it in recent weeks, which makes me think they're running out of material to post. But because we're all obsessed with pre-registration, let's parse their words and read between the lines.

First, remember that their earlier email instructed that kids turning 13 after the Con on 27 July and before 1 August would need their badge to pre-register. 1 August is such an early date to give for that.

Then there's this. Today's post doesn't give any hint as to when pre-reg will be. But it does say that when it comes to everyone else - professionals, exhibitors, staff, press, etc. - "online registration for these categories will occur sometime in early 2015."

The way it's worded suggests that we'll get pre-registration in 2014. In the past it's occurred shortly after the Con, and the only reason it got delayed last year was the development of the new system. And the fact that they reminded us again to expect an email about it makes me think it'll happen sooner as opposed to later - say August or September as opposed to months down the line.

This is all wild speculation. Possibly I'm dead wrong and in the end, the when of pre-reg doesn't matter - but it's something we'd all like to know anyhow.

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