The buzziest Comic-Con panels so far

21 JULY 2014

Now that pretty much everything has been announced, it's clear that some panels are stirring up more interest than others. Let's examine them.

We'll start with the obvious: Marvel and DC's Gotham premiere in Hall H. Campers everywhere, especially for Saturday.

NASA's Next Giant Leap. I wanted this to be MY panel but it looks like 1 out of  3 attendees is going to line up for this. Buzz Aldrin, Seth Green, interplanetary travel - who wouldn't want to go? (Hopefully a lot of you, because I'm selfish.)

People keep mentioning the End Bullying! panel but I can't tell if that's because they're bemused by it or they're actually going to go.

But I do know many people will go to the Robert Kirkman/Norman Reedus panel. Also the Rulers of the Realm panel with Lev Grossman, Diana Gabaldon and George RR Martin.

Image Expo and Image panels. As if the 30 second Expo sellout didn't signal enough interest, I hear people talk about Image like they used to talk about Vertigo. Non-nerd girls in my social circles know the name Fiona Staples. Saga is the new comic book for people who don't read comics. People seem very intrigued by Wytches.

American Horror Story. People have been waiting 2 years for this to show up.

The sneak peek of the Showrunners Documentary Film in the Horton Theatre with JJ Abrams, Ronald Moore, Damon Lindelof, Joss Whedon and others (they're in the film, to be clear) seems to be hotly anticipated.

Sin City 2 anything. I'll admit to being surprised that attendee interest is this intense. But everyone I know is frothing over it.

The Women Who Kick Ass panel with Tatiana Maslany, Maisie Williams, Katey Sagal and Natalie Dormer has a lot of people excited.

Halo seems to be generating a lot of coverage but most people I know are looking forward to Smash Bros.

Batman's 75th Anniversary. I'm giving this a half-buzz award. Yes, we've all heard about the big 75 all summer, and I've seen these panels get a lot of coverage, but I'm not hearing many actual attendees talk about it. I'm sure they'll be well-attended, I'm just not sure they're inspiring the same fever as the others. The Batman '66 panel (show, not comic) seems to be drawing more fans.

Heroes of Star Wars Rebels is causing more interest than I expected.

All outside events anywhere. Nerd HQ takes the cake for this, naturally, but the zipline, GOT experience, Petco Park anything, all seem to be causing more excitement than most of the panels. Maybe people really are over the whole line issue and are throwing their attention elsewhere.

As for celebrities, I haven't noticed one individual superstar causing a frenzy (like, say, Angelina Jolie did some years ago.) Probably that speaks to the multitude of celebrities in attendance, rather than a lack of caliber.

What are you anticipating?

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