Did you get your Preview Night badge yet?

23 JULY 2014

If you have a Preview Night badge, you should already be badged or walking through the doors of the convention center right now. Don't wait for 3:00 as instructed - they've been letting people in for hours.

When I got badged right after 1:00, the official Preview Night/Exclusives line was about 500 people deep. That is a very rough estimate. But if you're the type of person who's anxious about getting first dibs on exclusives, you're probably in that line already.

I have little else to report, other than an odd story from a security guard about one escalator slowing down when it got more than half full and the usual attempts at bag trading.  I'll post about the Town & Country situation when I get more detail - if you're in the thick of it, give us a report in the comments.