X-Men Virtual Reality at SDCC

22 JULY 2014

Happy Comic-Con Eve. Here's some minor but exciting last-minute news: while everyone has been hyped about the Sleepy Hollow Oculus Rift experience at Comic-Con, there's now an X-Men virtual reality experience that will let you enter the mind of Professor X.

This too will use an Oculus Rift headset for a 360-degree, 90-second adventure. It'll be inside Fox's booth on the floor, and you'll sit in Professor X's wheelchair and hunt Mystique in the San Diego Convention Center.

Obviously the line for this will be deadly. So if it gets too extreme for you and you still want to try VR at the Con, you can go over to Petco Park and do the Sleepy Hollow version. I'm curious if the Game of Thrones experience is also going to be virtual, based on the fact that it's about the wall, and HBO recently had a VR rendition of that very thing in a recent exhibit.

And that's it from me tonight. See you tomorrow, nerds.

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