The Exhibitors list is back up

30 JUNE 2014

After a brief midnight appearance a few weeks ago, the list of exhibitors is back up. Same with fan tables, the Artists' Alley and Small Press Area.

As I said before, these might not seem that interesting to first-timers, but looking through the exhibitors at the very least is a good idea. Look for publishers, toy companies and other booths you want to visit and write down their numbers. Don't assume you'll notice them as you pass by, or that you'll pass by them at all.

And don't assume Comic-Con buzz will notify you of everything relevant or exciting while you're actually there. All too often you wind up in a weird insularity that's kind of like being trapped in the belly of the beast - and it's not until you're spit out again that you find out what was actually happening around you. Seeing all the "best of San Diego Comic-Con" lists that come out the week after, and realizing everything you missed, is truly a galling experience. So consider this my first of several exhortations to map out your plan and take a look at all the vendors and promotions that'll be vying for your attention on the floor.

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