DC's monster Hall H Saturday night panel

30 JUNE 2014

If you're not following my 2014 page, this is where I'm posting gossip, news and panel information. However, today a panel announcement came out that's such a nerd-media monstrosity I feel obligated to talk about it here.

DC will take over Hall H Saturday night for 3 hours. They will show:

  • The world premiere of Gotham.
  • The full pilot of The Flash.
  • Exclusive scenes from Constantine.
  • A teaser from Arrow.
  • Q&A with cast from all four shows.

I know most of us have mixed feelings about Gotham, from "Ivy Pepper" to the possibility of this being pure CW-level teenage silliness - but we all still want to see it, right? Which makes it an especially bitter pill that a huge portion of us have already allocated Saturday night to the Zombie Walk and Prom, Gam3rCon, Star Trek Symphony and Thrilling Adventure Hour/Welcome to Night Vale.

Then again, most of us couldn't have endured the line for this anyhow. Those of you who do have the fortitude to make it inside are going to enjoy one of the best panels this summer.