Exhibitors, Small Press, Artist's Alley and Fan Tables are published - or they were

11 JUNE 2014

If you think you can't possibly make it through the 42 days until Comic-Con, CCI has come through for you and released a motherlode of information to tantalize you.

The Exhibitors list was released last night, letting you craft your Exhibit Hall battle plan; there's also the start of the Fan Tables list; and finally, the Artist's Alley and Small Press lists have also been published. (ETA: CCI took these down. I don't know why. Let's hope they go back up soon.)

First-timers, this may not mean much to you. But it's worth at least scrolling through the list of exhibitors and seeing if any names jump out at you - comic book artists, studios, toy companies, etc. It'll give you an idea of what you can expect to see in the Exhibit Hall and what booths you want to hit up first. If you've been stalking the exclusives, make a note of where those companies are. Don't think you'll just wander through the whole thing and eventually find what you need to. The Exhibit Hall is too crowded and overwhelming for that.

If CCI follows their tradition of publishing the programming 2 weeks before the Con, we'll have that 4 weeks from Thursday. Am I the only one who feels like Comic-Con season has accelerated? I think it's the late-season badge and hotel sales.

ETA: If you gave up on following CCI's Toucan blog because it didn't seem to post much of interest, you may want to start again. They announced today that they will be unleashing almost-daily updates on things like this year's official t-shirts, Souvenir Book cover (done by Jim Lee), film festival schedule, restaurant guide and so on.


  1. When do we find out what actors will be there?

    1. That's a bit iffier than the lists of exclusives, booths and panels. If you have a few specific celebrities you want to see, follow them on Twitter (you probably already are) because that's where they'll announce it themselves - otherwise they'll just be mentioned as part of a panel announcement. If they're officially doing autographs at the Con, check CCI's autograph schedule as we get closer. But remember that their schedules change like lightning and it's not uncommon to have surprises both ways - major names showing up at the last minute or canceling at the last minute.