Did you get your Hotel Day email?

4 APRIL 2014

You should get your announcement email today that Hotel Day is 8 April - which we knew already, but it's nice to see the list of hotels and rates.

No real surprises here, and that's a good thing. I have been dreading the announcement that hotel assignments would also be randomized. They won't be, not entirely. Just like last year, you'll log in and pick your top 6 choices. As with all things Comic-Con, there are strategies to be implemented; like I said here, consider picking a mix of dream hotels and not-ideal-but-acceptable hotels as you scan the list.

I'll post more advice for first-timers over the weekend. In the meantime, start thinking up your excuse to be away from work, or at least near a computer, at 9 am PST on Tuesday morning.

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