Scion wants to send you to San Diego Comic-Con

3 APRIL 2014

Image courtesy of Scion, just like your trip

Here's another contest that requires some effort and ingenuity. That's a good thing; it means the competition will be vastly reduced from the typical sweepstakes. To enter, submit photos and videos on Twitter or Instagram, and tag @Scion with the hashtag #EPICFRS. The content should include a Scion vehicle or a Scion, Scion Racing or Scion AV reference, natch.

You'll be judged on your unique use, creativity, "positive representation" of Scion and clever use of the brand. Why do I suddenly feel this is a marketing ploy to get free campaign creative. Anyhow, the winner gets the typical pair of badges, airfare and hotel; three runner-ups will get different prizes, including an Ogio backpack, Volcano Portable Speakers and Scion gear.

Scion veep Doug Murtha says in a very natural and non-corporate way, "This contest allows us to elevate everything truly epic across the Scion brand. We can't wait to see what Scion fans will create to help share the story of originality and individualism that makes up the Scion brand." Hmmph. I'd read the fine print on what they're allowed to do with your entry, particularly IRT if it becomes their intellectual property. But you probably don't care about that, do you - you just want to go to Comic-Con.

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