Open Registration is coming "very soon"

6 MARCH 2014

And it's about damned time. But let's start with the good news.

And it's this - I think. If you got all four day badges during Pre-reg, but didn't get Preview Night, you can still try for Preview Night during Open Reg. Now mind you, CCI doesn't come out and say that, but they do say that "Anyone who has already registered for or purchased a Comic-Con 2014 Preview Night option is not eligible to participate in Open Online Registration." We can infer from that that everyone else can, right? I know this was a concern for people who got some badges, but not their ideal badges, during Pre-reg.

CCI's Toucan blog has a registration tutorial up, but honestly there's nothing new there if you paid attention to all the Pre-reg advice. You'll get an email providing the link and registration code. On the day of Open Reg, you'll have two hours to get into the waiting room, and then the sale will go live at 9 am PST and everyone will be randomly sorted into order for buying badges. I'll post a detailed guide as we get closer, but for now I suggest reading my earlier Pre-reg posts like this and this and this since the process is exactly the same.

I'm also going to advise disregarding this patently false prediction from CCI: "We anticipate that it will take a little over an hour to sell out all badge types." What? Pre-reg sold fewer badges than Open Reg will and it took at least two hours. My friend got all four days (sans Preview Night) at the one-hour mark. I'm emphasizing this because people lost their minds in the waiting room as the minutes ticked on, and I want everyone to understand they shouldn't give up too soon.

(Unless CCI secretly shifted the balance of badges sold, and gave previous attendees the lion's share during Pre-reg. But even so, I think one hour isn't going to cut it.)

So there you have it. Just 20 weeks away from the first Hall H campers unpacking their gear, you'll finally know if you're going to make it into the hallowed halls of Comic-Con. I'll post a detailed tutorial later, but for now check your Member ID eligibility and get ready.


  1. When will they announce the datw?

    1. Not sure. I'd put good money that it will be a Saturday morning in late March.