Pre-registration is here



Comic-Con is sold out.


Thursday is apparently sold out. Not that that matters to the attendees who only care about Kid's Day on Sunday or the Supernatural/Sons of Anarchy/Dr. Who bonanza in Hall H.


Friday and Saturday are gone. Remember, you can try for them during Open Reg, so go ahead and buy Thursday and Sunday today if you get the chance. You can always request a refund later if you decide to skip the whole thing and hit Dragon*Con instead.


Friday is running low too.

On a separate note, don't worry if you haven't gotten your acknowledgement email. I haven't gotten mine, and neither have my friends. I did screenshot my confirmation screen because I have serious trust issues when it comes to Comic-Con registration so consider that as an option if you're nervous.


Saturdays are running low.


Friend just got all four days. Definitely the slowest online registration that I can remember.


I've lost my visibility into what's selling out, but so far every day (without Preview Night) seems to be available. I think they're just processing people very slowly. I know it's nerve-wracking, but it's better than the system crashing.

9:32 am

Preview Night has sold out per CCI.

9:22 am

Got my Preview Night badges. A few observations which may mean nothing - I was running two laptops with two member IDs. The one I logged into the waiting room early on was the one that got processed fast, and it also got the yellow update messages about 2 minutes before the other one.

Also, each screen had to "think" after I entered information - so don't panic and start hitting keys if your screen doesn't seem to move on for a few seconds. Be patient.

How's everyone else doing?

8:58 am

Game time! But CCI said the sorting process could take 10-15 minutes so don't flip out if you're not chosen right away.

7:26 am

People appear to be driving themselves crazy on Twitter. This is the easy part, people. Go out to breakfast, make a mimosa, do something for the next 90 minutes. Save your nerves for when it goes live and you wait helplessly to see if the sorting hat puts you in Failure House or Comic-Con House. This is nothing right now.

7:09 am

So far so good...

6:30 a.m.

Our day is here. I know I said last night was my "final" advice but here's two more points before we get started - please don't rush into the system at 7 am PST on the dot and crash it. Secondly, as I've said before, don't get rattled by the rumors flying around on Twitter and Facebook because they're often pure horseshit. People jump the gun and post hysterical things like "Preview Night is Sold Out! Now Saturday's gone!" that just aren't true because they want to be the Paul Revere of Registration Day.

And of course, don't pin all your hopes on today. It's a limited number of badges, and a large number of us. You can try again in Open Registration. Also - unpopular opinion - it's not necessarily a bad thing if you only get two day badges. Sometimes that's enough Comic-Con for anyone, and you'll save a lot of money to boot. Ditto if you're missing a day in the middle - you can spend that day doing the attractions around the area (like last year's Godzilla and GOT experiences) and not miss a thing. My point is, don't feel like Comic-Con is Preview Night or nothing. (Which I'll admit is a vantage point I tend to foster - but Preview Night has been getting more and more crowded, with annoying lines, and not especially special.)

I'll post developments as they happen, including any common glitches that seem to be happening, so let me know what you run into.


  1. If you mess up on your credit card info can you fix it at a later date or will they take your badge away?

    1. They'll contact you to say your card didn't go through and give you an opportunity to use a different one. They won't just negate the whole thing.

  2. i love your blog, it's one of the few i follow all year for my SDCC needs, keep up the great work! see you at SDCC 14'

  3. My friend typed my email adress wrong when we paid for the passes and I didnt get the confirmation email. Is there a way to fix it.

    1. Why did he have to type your email at all? None of us have gotten our acknowledgement emails yet that I know of - and it should be sent to the email address associated with your Member ID account. If you got the Pre-reg email letting you know of your personal registration code, then they have your correct email on file and you should be good.

  4. The process was okay actually. I got in at around 9:25am PST and got a Saturday & Sunday. Had the chance for all the days but the lower priced Sunday was easier on my limited budget. HOWEVER, still stressing over the lack of a confirmation email.

    1. Don't stress. CCI is notoriously slow with emails. I haven't gotten mine either. However, if you still have your confirmation screen up, screen shot it.

  5. Got in around 9:25am PST and came out with Saturday & Sunday. Had the chance at the time for all the days but financially had to get the lower priced Sunday with highly desired Saturday. HOWEVER...still waiting for the confirmation email which is stress in itself.

  6. Question, if you didn't get Preview Night but have all 4 days, can you get Preview Night when the general public do musical chairs?

    1. In other years that was not allowed - but let me find out what the story is this year.

    2. I still haven't gotten an answer on this. CCI's fine print says they reserve the right to not let everyone who participated in Pre-Reg also participate in Open Reg, but that could mean anything. I'll keep trying to get an answer for you.