Preparing for pre-registration


If perchance you've been ruminating anxiously on pre-registration, wondering when it will be held and if it'll be at a convenient time in this busy holiday season, here's something you can do now to prepare: check your Member ID account.

I know it's not the most enthralling activity. But you'll get your chest pains and skyrocketing blood pressure soon enough on Pre-Registration Day, so right now just do the responsible thing and make sure you remember your password and confirm that your account is current and correct.

If it is, you'll see the above message affirming you're eligible. If you've changed from civilian to military, or into a senior, or any other category that provides a discount, change your Membership type.

Make sure also that you haven't opted out of Comic-Con emails and finally, make sure your last name, address and other information are correct. If your last name is spelled wrong, here's CCI's advice: "Even if your last name is spelled incorrectly, enter the login info exactly as shown on the sale day or you may get locked out! You may change the spelling of your name after the sale."

(I would take that to heart; remember what happened to people with apostrophes in their names a few years ago.)

As for when the blessed event will take place - Comic Con says we'll have 48 hours advance notice at least. If they hold the sale on a Saturday morning, like usual, we'll know by Thursday morning. So let's assume it won't be this Saturday, the 7th. That brings us to the following weekend, a reasonable possibility - but I would say that the following Saturday, the 21st, is not, since it's a travel day for so many people and I hope they'd take that into consideration.

Really I'd like to see CCI delay the whole thing until January. Right now everyone is busy shopping and taking finals and going to parties and traveling. No one needs pre-registration angst right now.

ETA: Remember that pre-registration is open only to people who attended Comic-Con this past summer. If you did not attend, or were there as an exhibitor/pro/in some other capacity, you cannot participate in pre-registration. Instead you'll be notified later in 2014 of Registration Day, which is open to everyone with a Member ID account - whether or not they've ever attended Comic-Con.

And if you were at Comic-Con with an attendee badge this summer, yet CCI says you're ineligible for pre-reg, contact them now. They're pretty good about getting that kind of thing resolved.


  1. Would you recommend keeping our badges from 2013 next to us. I know that comic con stated that they would put the information in for us, but sdcc doesn't have the best track record with registration.

    1. You probably won't need it - but it can't hurt.

      I'll admit that I am worried that some kind of badge number error could be this year's major fail. But probably we should be more worried about general crashes or some unforeseen glitch. There seems to be a new one every year.