First special guests announced for 2014

21 DECEMBER 2013

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone. The first 20 special guests have been announced for next summer and so far they're a mix of Old Guard and New Guard.

They are....

Amanda Conner, artist, Power Girl, Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre
Brian Crane, cartoonist, Pickles
Eleanor Davis, cartoonist/illustrator, Stinky, How to Be Happy
Jane Espenson, writer/producer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Husbands
Raymond E. Feist, author, Riftwar Saga
Drew Friedman, illustrator, RAW, Old Jewish Comedians, Heroes of the Comic Books
Michael T. Gilbert, writer/artist, Mr. Monster
Willie Ito, animator/cartoonist, Disney, WB, Hanna-Barbera
Caitlin R. Kiernan, author, The Drowning Girl: A Memoir, Alabaster: Wolves
Lucy Knisley, writer/artist, Relish, French Milk
David Lasky, artist, The Carter Family: Don’t Forget This Song
Graham Nolan, artist, Detective Comics, The Phantom, Joe Frankenstein
Jimmy Palmiotti, writer, All-Star Western, Painkiller Jane
Benoît Peeters, writer, The Obscure Cities, The Leaning Girl
Don Rosa, cartoonist, Uncle $crooge, Donald Duck
Jim Rugg, artist/illustrator, Supermag, Afrodisiac
François Schuiten, artist, The Obscure Cities, The Leaning Girl
Scott Snyder, writer, Batman, Superman Unchained
Fiona Staples, artist, Saga
Gene Luen Yang, writer/artist, Boxers & Saints, American Born Chinese

Also, if you're trapped at your parents' over winter break and bored out of your mind, you can revisit last summer with CCI's 2013 photo gallery. Happy Holidays and I hope you all find lots of expensive nerd gifts in your stockings.

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