Nominate your favorite comic shop for the Will Eisner award

30 DECEMBER 2013

If you're feeling generous and sentimental this holiday season, you might want to throw some love to your favorite comic shop and nominate it for the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award.

This award is given to a store that does "an outstanding job of supporting the comics medium both in the community and in the industry." This includes having innovative and diverse inventory, fostering relationships with schools and libraries, playing an active role in community organizations and having a creative or pleasing storefront presentation. Previous winners aren't eligible to win.

It's kind of a high standard, since in my experience comic shops usually come in two flavors: the dusty, tiny shops that stock indie creators and experimental work and the bright well-organized shops that stock mainly DC and Marvel material, host Magic: The Gathering  and kids' events, and work with the community. A store that does it all is a rare bird, depending on where you live.

But if your store qualifies, go on and nominate them through this online ballot. You have until 4 April; the winner will be honored at the Friday night ceremony of San Diego Comic-Con.

Happy New Year, all.

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